Our Success Stories – 60 Second Interview with Natasha - FBL

Our Success Stories – 60 Second Interview with Natasha

Hi Natasha

natasha-mycawka-photoFirstly well done on your achievements so far at Fitterbody Bootcamp. You recently joined us on the 6 week transformation programme and have done amazingly well. You should be really proud.

Tell me something about yourself that our Ladies won’t know:

I’ve just started studying an MA in Education!

You are looking amazing, tell us about your goals and achievements so far:

After having two children I’ve spent the past five years focussing on them and not myself. with my oldest going to school, i decided that the time was right to start thinking about ‘me’ again, as a person and not just a mum! I’d given a lot – emotionally and physically, to being the best mum for them, but I needed to start focusing on me again, and to get my confidence back. So my goal was to get fit and to tone up as i got to a point where hated looking at my body in the mirror (though I wouldn’t necessarily have told anyone that) and didn’t want to be the chubby mum who wasn’t fit enough to do bike rides or running around with them, as they get older. To me, getting out of bed after (still) nights of broken sleep shows how motivated i am to getting fitter, and some days it has been tough to motivate myself, but after a few weeks of healthy eating and seeing progress not only on the scales, but in my clothes and fitness levels, it kept me motivated to reach that 1 stone weight loss, and beyond! I can now do 10 press-ups 🙂


What is it that you enjoy most about bootcamp?

I love that each workout is different. It is also the little things – that the instructors know our names and keep us going with those reps/activities when they can see that we’re flagging. I also enjoy working out with all different types of people, at different levels of fitness, as it truly is a supportive environment open to all. Finally, it’s the support on Facebook or at the end of an email that is on offer that really helps with that ‘personal’ and encouraging approach.

How much better do you feel about yourself?

natasha-mycawka-1-stone-photoI feel a lot better in myself and my confidence to go out and actually enjoy buying new clothes has been fun! The reactions of friends of my changing shape has been a motivation, but it’s not just about body shape, proving to myself that I could do it after getting into bad eating habits (finishing off the children’s dinner or chocolate every night before bed!) I could turn it around! Now I’m exercising, and have lost most of the weight I’ve gained since having children, my next challenge is to keep it off and to keep coming to the gym. I also feel better in my self-confidence and what I can do, hence why I’ve just started my MA. I can do anything now!!

What’s next for you?

To keep exercising! To keep believing in myself, and to remember that even on tough days, exercise really does make you feel better!

I’m sure you will all agree that Natasha has done fantastically well.  She is a pleasure to have in sessions and always gives 100%.  Keep up the great work, you really do deserve the success.

Julie 🙂