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Mind Over Matter!

When it comes to endurance, there’s no doubt that training is the key.

Putting in those hours, those miles and everything in-between, such as nutrition and recovery, are the puzzle pieces that fit together to help a marathon runner cross the finish line in one piece, or even better with a personal best.

Now whilst I’m not a marathon runner, I still play netball at a pretty high level at the grand age of 44, so it’s not just the likes of top-level athletes such as Paula Radcliffe who can benefit from having a mental edge.

Whether you have just started out at FitterBody Bootcamp, entered your first ‘muddy run’ or half marathon, or it’s just you and the treadmill, endurance exercise always presents those sessions that feel like a battle.

Master Your Mind

• Keep moving. Exercise actually improves inhibitory control, so the fitter you get, the stronger your mind gets too.

• Focus your attention on what you are doing rather than what you are feeling.

• Catch negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

I have personally always had an ‘I Can Do This’ attitude and I always focus on what I have done rather than on what I’ve not.

Make sure you start with something achievable though. Aiming too high to start with will bring you a sense of failure and will deter you from trying again, whilst success will motivate you to step it up.

Have a great day 🙂

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