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May Be It’s Best To Wait

Ever started a diet and then NOT stuck to it?

Lost weight in a short space of time and then put it all back on weeks / months later?

or joined a gym fully motivated and then lost interest 8 weeks later?

We’ve done lots of research into this.

[not that we’ve been locked in scientific labs with white coats]

– just that we’ve observed the similarities between the ladies that see results in the short term and then 
continue to see results in the mid-long term as well.

The ONE thing that they all have in common is that they work
on improving their daily habits from day 1.

What do I mean exactly?

They do what we recommend on our 6 week programme and

  • Set a goal and timeframe – eg 6 weeks
  • Have a clear plan to follow
  • Establish a morning routine
  • Held accountable along the way

Let me just elaborate on this.

Set a goal – eg lose at least 10lbs by 31st March 2019

Clear Plan – Exercise at least 3 times per week and make sure am in a
slight calorie deficit each day regarding food.

Commit to the daily habit of waking up 10-20 minutes earlier than you do currently.
Remind yourself of your goal and the reasons why it is important to you to achieve it.
Then set up your day. Plan the meals you’re going to have.
Remind yourself of the benefits this is all having on your mind and body.
Read a chapter of an inspirational book or watch an inspirational youtube video – just 5-10 minutes.

Held accountable – check in with someone each week to measure progress. Not just weight / body fat but also how you feel / energy levels.

Daily habits like this done consistently over time = Long Lasting RESULTS.

Some ladies prefer not to put this extra little bit of work in though.

“I don’t need to do that”

They are the ones that will then throw the towel in as soon as something gets in the way.

They are the ones that will stay in bed because it’s nice and warm and then be rushing
around for the rest of the day.

They are the ones that will make poor decisions regarding food and drink because they
hadn’t planned and are craving high sugar foods for lunch.

They are the ones that will NOT weigh themselves because they know they
have eaten and drunk too much throughout the week.

– and they are the ones that will then BLAME everyone else but themselves when they
end up not getting the results they said they desperately wanted at the outset. 

“but life’s too short to be planning and tracking everything every day”

– yep I hear this one all the time as well.

The truth is it only needs to be done for a few weeks.

Just long enough to understand which foods and what portion sizes contain regarding calories.

After a few weeks you then just know and don’t need to track anymore.

Unfortunately in a time where instant gratification is marketed as ‘normal’ lots of people
are not prepared

to put this little bit of effort in themselves.

We all crave the ‘magic pill’

And whilst on the face of it many will think that it’s much more desirable if we could just take a magic
pill for a few days and then get the body of our dreams.

The truth is you remove the most important part.

—-> THE JOURNEY and the person you become.

Hard work pays off.

It’s satisfying.

It’s inspiring to others.

Once you set a goal and achieve it in one area of your life it gives you the confidence to
then do it in other areas.

Self esteem and self worth increases.

You become a role model as others ask you ‘How you did it’

I guess this is a long winded way of me saying

“Don’t be afraid to put the work in”

and if you’re not ready to do so [which is absolutely fine by the way]

– then just wait until you are.

Don’t waste your time and your money making a commitment to get fit / healthy and get the
body of your dreams

If you’re not prepared to change some of your habits along the way.

For those that are ready though.

Let me know.

I’m going to release 12 places soon for our next 6 week programme.

[just reply to this email saying ‘interested’]


Ps –> The 6 week programme is designed for ladies over 30 that want to lose
between 10lbs and 19lbs in 6 weeks whilst getting much more toned and feeling much more confident.
Works out at £5.50 per session and personalised nutritional guidance is also provided.