Do you love your liver? It’s not an organ we hear a lot about, but it works VERY hard for you all day every day, helping your body metabolize fat, chemicals, alcohol, toxins and basically everything you put into your body.


It’s like your body’s very own post office, shuttling things to the places they belong.


This is why it’s so important to do everything we can to support it by “Just Eating Real Food” (aka the JERF diet)!


This week try to take a WHOLE FOOD action to help our liver do its job, which is more important now than ever.


That’s because rates of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – which can cause long-term liver damage – are now considered at epidemic level.


Contributors to this liver disease include being overweight, taking certain medications (including over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen) and exposure to chemicals and/or poisons.


Here are things you can do to help your liver do its job:


✂️Cut out processed food products, refined sugars and hydrogenated fats

?Focusing on a JERF “just-eat-real-foods” diet

?Add liver-supporting foods like beet juice and other vegetable-based juices, berries, nuts, wild-caught salmon and potassium-rich foods such as bananas

?Take ONLY necessary medications

?Get regular exercise


Are you ready to “JERF” with me this week and focus on just eating REAL foods?  That means nothing processed or out of a box, nothing with added sugars etc.


I know its hard this side of Christmas but if you can get yourself started now it will be so much easier again after Christmas.