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It Changes For Ladies In Our 40’s

So here I am straight after a Bank Holiday Weekend writing this message….

But if I’m honest with you I probably had one too many glasses of

As a result of one too many glasses I felt a little bit jet-lagged this morning.

And I certainly didn’t feel like working out.

But I did.

And I feel great now that I’ve done it.

No, this did not take huge discipline on my part.

It’s just become a habit for me – like brushing my teeth.

It’s just something that I do.

Now during my workout I was thinking about this for a moment.

You see when I was in my 20’s exercise meant something very different to me.

It was……more cosmetic.

It was more about looking good.

[They didn’t even have instagram filters when I was in my 20’s so I think those 
girls have got even worse now – the pressure to look good is huge]

But this has all changed.

Now I’m in my 40’s the role of exercise in my life is very different.

The ‘looking good’ bit has actually become a by-product of what I do


NOT the reason that I do it.

Now it’s more about my physical and mental health.

It’s about having an hour each day where I can forget about everything else and 
just focus on ME.

It’s about keeping my blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

It’s about helping me sleep better each night.

It’s about proving to myself that I am strong for a woman in her 40’s but I can also 
become stronger.

It’s knowing that I have invested in myself and this investment has been well spent.

Just on that last point – investing both time and money on my physical and mental well being IS much more important than the latest gadget , holiday, kitchen appliance, car, handbag, shoes etc.

For all of the reasons given above.

Yet I never saw this when I was younger.

Which I guess is where the saying

“Youth is wasted on the young” comes from.

I feel fortunate though to have realised this when I have.

Lots of other ladies that I speak to still prioritise the other ‘stuff’ before themselves.

They think nothing of spending money on a shopping spree, their kids latest X-box game, a coffee every day from Costa BUT then hold back when it comes to actually doing something that will benefit them in the short, medium and long term .

Our 6 Week Programme does help lots of local ladies see the 
very noticeable changes in body shape and fat loss.

Yes they look more toned.

Yes they can wear 1-2 dress sizes less.


For me it’s about drawing a line in the sand regarding all of the previous failed attempts. 

Starting a new.

Undoing some of the poor habits and replacing them with some new ones that will last forever.

It’s about improving the relationship with food and trying to put stuff in place that can help prevent ‘self sabotage’

And doing all of this under the watchful eye of a Fully Qualified and experienced Personal Trainer who will guide and support you every step of the way.

With a small community of other ladies with similar goals that are a similar age and who face similar challenges each day.

That is WHY we turn away more people that we accept.

From a business point of view close friends and family thought I was MAD for turning so many people away.

But I don’t care.

I would rather just work with a small group of like minded ladies.

It’s more fun.

And it’s easier for them to make changes and see results when they see their peers doing the same.

So if you’re from anywhere near Newport Pagnell or North Milton Keynes and if you’re over 30 years old and have may be tried a few different things in the past that have not worked then now might be a good time to join our next 6 week programme.


PS—> Here’s the link for our next 6 week programme that will start soon: CLICK HERE