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Fed Up With Feeling Frumpy

I was messing around with my daughter Georgina today (she’s 13 going on 20!) and we were talking about boys and stuff.

Then later on I reminded myself how our lives change when we have kids.

I mean having a baby changes EVERYTHING.

Your routines.

Your priorities.

Your body.

Having time to look after yourself can go completely out of the window, and your healthy lifestyle can take a real battering.

By the time things have settled down a bit and you realise you want to reclaim your old self, there’s a lot of catching up to do.

That was one of the reasons that we set up Fitter Body Ladies 10 years ago.

I loved being a Mum, but I also didn’t want it to change my whole identity.

I didn’t just want to let myself go.

I wanted to feel sexy again.

And I knew that if I was feeling like this, there must be others feeling the same.

So if you’re tired of feeling frumpy and ‘mumsy’ or even ‘grandma-y’

and you’re ready for a change after an indulgent Summer 🙂

then our 28 Day Transformation Programme gives you all the structure and support you need to recover all that lost ground.

And it works because we tailor our programme for you and follow up to make sure you’re held fully accountable for sticking to your goals. (just like if you hired a 1-2-1 Personal Trainer)

So if you want to be able to wear those pre-pregnancy clothes hiding in the back of your wardrobe, – let’s have a quick chat to map out your exercise and diet needs.

The programme is specifically for local ladies over 30 that have a strong desire to lose 8-14lbs, get leaner and drop a load of body fat in just 28 days.

Let me know if you want some more info about our upcoming programme.

Just click the link below, find your location and we’ll send come info over to you

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