Fear? - FBL


I was talking to a couple of ladies after class this morning and the word fear was mentioned several times in the conversation.

We can’t let our fears hold us back from believing anything is possible and really giving our dreams a shot.  Other people might try to convince us we’re not good enough and we may not believe we are either but it’s a lie! We’re all worthy of living out our dreams and everyone deserves to be happy.

So many times through my life I have run away from things because I believed I wasn’t “good enough” or capable or I thought I’d let people down. I get better and better the older I get but I still have times when I feel afraid and want to run away…but I don’t, I keep believing in myself and keep going.

It’s almost impossible to achieve anything without self-belief and I would not have achieved the new #fitterfasterstronger me over the last 13 months without self-belief.

The fear of failure, the fear of not being “good enough” and the fear of not being accepted can be what stops us reaching our dreams.

We can’t let our fears stop us. We just have to decide to believe in ourselves and go for it!

No more standing on our own way!

Julie 🙂