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Do You Have Good Intentions?

How often do you get home from work and sit down and your good intentions of going to the gym go right out the window.

What if you have arranged to meet your friend at the gym – now that’s different, it’s not so easy phoning or texting your friend to say I can’t be bothered or making up a little white lie to save yourself from having to get your gym kit on and go back out to the gym.

So why not grab your friend and book a free trial here at Bootcamp and remember here are some of the best things about having a gym buddy

  1. Motivation, to get to the gym and also once at the gym
  2. Fun, once in the gym you have someone to workout with without being to serious
  3. Shared experience- it’s always nice when someone else is feeling the pain too
  4. Support- sometimes it’s not going so well in or out of the gym but your gym buddy is always there to tell you you’re doing a great job

How cool is hanging out with mates whilst getting fitter.

So, grab a friend and book yourself in for session at Bootcamp.  Drop me an email to

Have a lovely day 🙂