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Diet Coke: Is It Bad For You?

Diet coke and other diet sodas are a big point of contention.

To set the record straight right now, in the context of losing weight there is no reason why diet coke and other similar products can not be in the diet.

Ideally, I feel the focus of our nutritional intake should be on whole, single ingredient foods, but life has way more to offer than that. So we need to take away the negativity surrounding products like Diet Coke, cause now and again they are ok.

However, people still ask “is Diet Coke actually good for me?”

Again while there are many claims that they are unhealthy, the claims and research with artificial sweeteners are observed when people (or largely rats / mice) consume up 25,000x what normal people consume.

That is a MASSIVELY unrealistic amount.

Doses of this amount of anything can be bad, anti-oxidants being of prime example, high vitamin C intake can be bad, same with Vitamin E.

So the big question remains, in the quantities that most people consume diet coke (2-3x a week) does this pose us a real health issue?

The research would indicate no.


Do I think it should be a daily habit, no.

Do I feel it’s ok now and again, maybe 1-2x a week, yes.

That’s not me saying artificial sweeteners are normal, but I am putting this into context..

Would it be ideal to have zero toxins in ones diet and environment, of course, 100%, but will we ever live that life…. I think it would be pretty dull if we did. So we need to decide on a personal level what we feel is acceptable for health and body composition when it comes down to what we eat and drink.


So right now, a diet coke now and again is pretty ok.