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Boot Camp In Northampton

Boot Camps in Northampton are becoming more and more popular. I thought it would be useful to write a brief article on the main reasons why this is the case.

First of all it’s important to point out that Fitter Body Boot Camp is a ‘non-military’ style boot camp. So there is no Sergeant Major shouting orders while everyone runs around getting muddy. Not that there is anything wrong with this. It’s just not what we do.

As I mentioned before there are quite a few boot camps in Northampton that are being run and most are of the military type.

So what exactly are the benefits of our boot camp?:

  • Our boot camp in Northampton gives you amazing fat-melting body transforming results faster than anything else you can do.
  • Boot Camp is fun. There is always lots of variety and you never get bored.
  • It’s quick. You get in, you get out and then carry on with the rest of your day (feeling energised and with a spring in your step)
  • Our boot camp in Northampton can cater for all exercise levels. Each exercise can be performed to a different intensity depending on fitness level and they are all timed.
  • It’s the most affordable way to get really fit, really fast.
  • Our boot camp is operated indoors so that the weather does not become a deterrent.
  • Boot Camp is perfect for those who want expert coaching and accountability in a supportive, fun environment that makes you feel comfortable, even if you’ve never exercised a day in your life.
  • The group sizes consist of no more than 10 people which means that it is more of a small group personal training session. Many boot camps in Northampton have larger class sizes and you just become a number within a large group.
  • We measure your weight as well as your body fat % to keep a track of your progress.
  • We provide full nutritional advice to perfectly compliment the exercise program and accelerate your fat loss.


Given that most personal training ‘one to one’ sessions cost anything between £30-£50 per hour. If you were training for 3 times per week then over a month this would cost anything between £350 – £600.

We offer the same level of service (to include nutritional guidance, weight monitoring and management and body fat % management) along with really varied, fun workouts in small groups for less than £100 per month (prices vary depending on package taken)

No other boot camp in Northampton offers so much for so little. Contact us for more information.