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5 Food Swaps to Increase your Protein Intake

If you want to lose weight, improve your metabolic health or gain muscle, then ensuring that you eat enough protein is important. Here are 5 food swap ideas you can make to increase your protein intake and lose weight.


  1. Swap regular yoghurt for Greek yoghurt
    This simple swap will have no effect on your tastebuds and, as a bonus, will also save you some calories; Greek yoghurt has nearly 30 percent less calories than regular yoghurt!
    100g of regular yoghurt: 5.1g of protein
    100g of Greek yoghurt: 10.3g of protein
    Protein gained: 5.2g


  1. Swap cereals for eggs
    Even though cereals are marketed with health claims, most of them are not as healthy as you think. Most cereals are packed full of sugar and, because they are made of simple carbs, they will not keep you full for long. Eggs, on the other hand, will not only help reduce your appetite but are also full of nutrients (all those needed to turn a single cell into a baby chicken!) which are needed to stay healthy.

1 bowl of cereal (40g): 2.9g of protein

2 eggs (100g): 12.6g of protein
Protein gained: 9.7g

3. Swap coke for milk
A can of coke a day may seem like a harmless treat but one 250ml glass contains 27g of sugar, which is already over the recommended daily sugar allowance! Milk is not only a protein-filled refreshment, it’s also packed with calcium and other essential nutrients to get your body looking and feeling great.

1 glass of coke: 0g of protein

1 glass of semi-skimmed milk: 9g of protein

Protein gained: 9g

4. Swap crisps for cheese
Crisps can definitely be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, however, they are very low in nutrients and very high in salt, which can contribute to high blood pressure when eaten in excess. Consider swapping your daily packet of crisps to a slice of cheese to help you stay fuller for longer and to hit your protein goals.

1 pack of crisps (25g): 1.5g of protein

1 slice of medium cheddar cheese (30g): 7.62g of protein

Protein gained: 6.12g