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This Obesity Thing Is Getting Worse

So I read an article in The Telegraph the other day about 

The NHS could collapse under the strain of Britain’s weight problem, experts have warned, as research shows that 13 million adults are now classed as obese. 

A new report warns of a doubling in obesity levels in two decades, with record numbers being treated for Type 2 diabetes. 

It follows warnings that the numbers being treated in hospital for obesity-related conditions have risen by almost one quarter in just one year. 

The head of the NHS has warned that the “startling” trends could cut short thousands of lives. 

The number of adults in England who are obese has gone from 6.9 million in 1997 to around 13 million in 2017. 

The analysis, by Diabetes UK, warns that 29 per cent of adults, and 20 per cent of children leaving primary school are obese. 

Obesity is the most significant driver for new cases of type two diabetes, accounting for up to 85 per cent of risk. 

The condition can cause serious health complications, which can lead to blindness and amputations. 

Does this not worry you?

It really does me.

Can you imagine retirement [the thing that we work hard to look forward to] being hindered by obesity related illness / disease?

Can you imagine having restricted mobility that leads to not being able to fly anywhere on holiday?


Because the extra work that you joints have to make as a result of carrying too much weight you get osteoporosis or arthritis [my father in law has arthritis and he struggles to walk his beloved dog each day now]

It’s horrible thinking about this stuff.

But we can do our best to minimise the risk – YES we can take some responsibility ourselves and not just expect an already strained NHS to just sort us out. 

Make a commitment to prioritise YOUR health.

Learn what you need to do in order to be leaner and have a good relationship with food. 

  • You can try reading a copy of Women’s Health
  • You can speak to a friend that is part of an MLM company selling over priced juices and shakes
  • You can watch youtube videos.
  • You can watch heavily biased Netflix documentaries.


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Of course it’s up to you.


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