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She’s Now Lost 8 Stone [The Boring Way]

I absolutely love being inspired by our members.

Watching them quite literally transform.

Not just physically.

But seeing them start to radiate positivity and confidence.

One of these ladies is Elaine.

She started with us 15 months ago in Northampton

She’s now lost a remarkable 8 stone on her journey. [see image below]

The key to this amazing result has been consistency.

Showing up for her sessions every week. [doing online sessions with us during lockdowns]

Making better choices regarding food – less processed foods and less sugar

And then letting time take care of the rest.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with consistency of good habits.

Because as much as 8 stone sounds like a huge amount to lose [which it is]

It actually only averages out at 1.7lbs per week over 15 months.

Elaine has quite literally gone from a size 32 to a size 18 by averaging
1.7lbs per week fat loss.

And she hasn’t stopped there.

She’s continuing her good habits [no crash diets or special potions] with the goal of losing a total

of 10 stone .

But her habits will be with her forever.

Too many people chase the ‘quick fix’

They try to undo months / years of poor choices and weight gain by taking pills and potions.

They would be disappointed with 1.7lbs loss per week.

They want 5lbs -7lbs per week.

Our approach/advice is probably considered a bit boring.

We teach our members how to enjoy eating healthy whole food meals

We teach them how to fall in love with exercise [even if they’ve always hated it]

And we help them to prioritise ‘me’ time and stay less stressed and improve sleep.

And then just let time take care of the rest.


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