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Secret To Getting Slimmer And Healthier

Do you want to know the prerequisite to getting a slim and
healthy body? [and keeping it that way]


Plan when to workout.
Plan what food to eat each day/week.
Plan your goals.

Does it always go to plan?No of course not.

But without a plan the chances of success are very slim.

So far in December I have been
testing out our new and improved nutrition system that we
are rolling out in January.[fingers crossed]and the results have been great.

All I had to do was input my current weight and then target weight
[current 69kg and target is 65kg] Then it automatically works out how many calories i need each day
so that I can reach this goal [safely by eating normal food and not
feeling like I’m on a diet]

This comes to 1530 calories of which 109g needs to come from protein.

Now I am going through a vegetarian phase right now – so I included that as a preference.

The app then suggests my food for the day:Breakfast – avocado and cottage cheese toastSnack – Bell pepper and hummusLunch – 10 minute spinach lasagne [yummy]Dinner – Gourmet grilled cheese with mexican cottage cheese salad

Total = 1489 calories of which 110g were protein
Did i feel deprived? – no.

Did i feel like i was on a diet? – no

Did i feel nicely full throughout the day? -yes!

I can personalise this as I go along as well.

When meals are suggested I can give thumbs up or thumbs down and it will then only make recommendations in future that I like.

If I want a glass of wine or two then I can also factor that in and cut out one of the snacks on that day.

I can create a whole week of meal plans and then print out a shopping list as well
based on the meals selected.and it only takes a few minutes to put together.

We’ve spent much of 2019 getting this app designed and I am so happy that
it looks like its going to be ready in time.

This will remove guesswork.

Once the nutrition code is cracked using this app, it’s just a
case of doing the workouts then [which is the easy bit!]

If you fancy being one of the first to actually use our new nutrition
app on our brand new 6 Week Body Transformation Programme
that starts soon then just click the link below:

I’ll get some info over to you.