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Plan Your Food – Lose Weight

Hiya, it’s Alex.
I have found that planning my food for the week on a Sunday is a great way to be in control [as I enjoy cooking, I actually find planning my food fun as well]

I like to know how many calories I’m allocated each day [based on my goals and actvity levels] – and then get recipes to fit within this.
[see our calorie calculator link below if you do not know this figure]

Some ladies struggle with this – which I completely understand as I used to as well. In fact any change can be a struggle at first. But the initial discipline is worth sticking with as it doesn’t take long before it then becomes a habit.

Do I stick to it 100% – no, not always.

But I certaily do at least 80% of each week – which is enough to see the results that I want.

I plan my foods for each day up to be within 300 calories of my daily allowance – this is room for ‘unplanned food or drink’. Sometimes I use that allowance and sometimes I don’t.

As I mention in the video, I also like to get the kids involved each week by saying that they have to pick at least 1 meal [they can’t complain then!]

Being in control of your nutrition is empowering.

Give it a try for a few weeks and watch how your results improve.


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