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Off Booze But Still No Weight Loss?

Today’s little message to you is inspired by one of our members, Debbie.

She posted a really helpful message in our Private Members Only Group.

Here it is:

“I’ve been off the booze for 2 weeks and had assumed I’d lose a few pounds but haven’t I also thought going vegan a few months ago would help…but no!

I’ve been eating (mostly) healthy foods and coming to BC 3-4 times a week so I just assumed it’s because I’m getting so old that I’m struggling!

Anyway I thought I’d start logging my food in my fitness pal today and I’ve found the problem! My target calories is around 1200 and I’d already had almost that with my healthy breakfast which turns out to be over 500 calories and my lunch and snack.

I just wanted to share this in case anyone is in the same boat. I stopped monitoring this months ago as I thought I knew what I was eating but even a healthy meal can be packed full of calories I’ve probably been averaging 2000+ a day which is why I’m maintaining even with all the workouts.

At least I know what to do now”


This post is so TRUE!

And I see so many of us making the same mistakes that Debbie made.

Food companies are so clever at the way they market their meals , ingredients, packaging these days that it’s way too easy to think that ‘eating healthy’ foods is enough to make us lose weight.

“Extra Protein”

“Complex Carbs”

“Whole Foods”

“No added sugar”

“Fat Free”

None of the above means that there are zero calories.

If anything when you start eating more vegan / vegetarian dishes the calories can mount up super quick – with more pasta, rice, breads etc being consumed.

The solution?

work out how many calories you need to consume each day.

and then stay below that figure if you wish to lose weight.

Here’s a simple to use calorie calculator
that can help you get that figure =- takes 45 seconds.


As ever, let me know if you have any questions.


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