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LEG DAY At Fitter Body Ladies

From the moment we opened our first unit in Northampton back in the Summer of 2012 [when the London Olympics were on], we have always reserved the middle of the week for LEG DAY.

It’s one of those sessions that everyone loves to hate.


Because it’s tough.
And because you end up discovering that you had muscles in parts of your body that you never knew existed……..the next day. And the day after that as well!! ?

But it’s also the main workout of the week that has you feeling great afterwards – glowing with achievement and satisfaction.

As I write this it’s 2nd July 2020, and we are hoping to be only days away from an announcement from the government regarding being able to emerge from LockDown and open our doors again.

The anticipation can only be compared to the feeling I had as a child waiting for Christmas Day to arrive.

The only difference being that with Christmas Day we knew the precise date that I would be opening my presents.

With all of our social distancing and cleaning protocols in place, we’re ready.

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