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I Felt Like A Failure This Week

as I’ve mentioned once or twice before, I love writing these articles
They’re a little bit ‘journal like‘ for me at times

a safe place.

for me to express my very real frustrations

but in the main an opportunity to try and inspire other local ladies
over 30 to achieve things

You see the ‘fitness industy’ is full of instagram filters that make
life / ladies / fitness appear like it’s beyond most women.

Which is why it’s an actual thing to be insta famous or an ‘influencer

They’re positioned like celebrities.

for what?

having an artificial perfect pre baby bod, wearing a bikini and
showing off their fake boobs – what good is all of that right now??

[and let’s see how many followers you have once you’ve had 2
kids sucking the life out of those boobs]

Anyway rather than talk about fake stuff, I prefer to keep things real

So here’s me being completely honest……

[deep breath]

In the first 10 days or so of lock-down I had big goals.

A perfect opportunity for me to have some down time.

[it’s been a bit stressful with us moving recently]

I thought I would write another book.

I’d get loads of quality time with my husband and kids.

I’d have the time to eat clean and healthy every meal

I’ll use it as an opportunity to go tee-total throughout and save on those liquid calories

I’d exercise every day – may be even twice some days.

We’d get assistance from the government to help with
the rent & business expenses.

& if all goes well I’ll drop a dress size or two throughout all this.

The Reality?

I’m drinking more red wine than ever.

I’m eating lots of healthy food [along with plenty of crisps & chocolate]

I haven’t lost any weight.

I’m working harder than ever.

I’m really pissed off with trying to explain fractions to my 11 year old daughter in a way that she understands.

We’ve had no assistance from the government yet.[fingers crossed on that one]

& I love getting down our unit to deliver sessions to escape the husband and kids
for a few hours!!

As I was driving home today I started to feel like a failure

I started to have ‘imposter syndrome’ [how can I call myself a great Mum, wife, entrepreneur given what I haven’t done / achieved over the last 5-6 weeks???]

I had that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Why haven’t I done more?

But then I’ve realised…

that this is ok.

I still have my health.

My family still have their health.

I have a roof over my head.

& it’s shown me that our members are absolutely amazing in helping us through this.

And that by sharing all of this, it could well help a few other ladies that
might have been feeling similar recently. [that’s the inspiration bit to a few]

Now I know that by sharing this there will be a few readers that will
probably want to unsubscribe from my emails.

After all why follow a fitness professional described as above.

Some will not see me as being a true pro.

They prefer the ‘influencers’

and I understand this.

But I also know that at the other end of the spectrum there will be a
few women that will resonate.

They will be feeling similar to me.

And if this message today helps them to feel a bit better
then I don’t mind paying the price of some ladies unsubsribing.

This is all new to us all.

Nothing could have prepared us for it.

And we have all adapted in our own way.

No matter where you’re at right now.

It’s ok.

Write down 3-5 things that you’re grateful for and understand that
it’s ok to NOT be perfect.

Who cares if someone in your newsfeed is sharing photos about how perfect
their family is and that they’ve learnt to play the piano whilst dropping
2 dress sizes!!!


I’m done.

That’s off my chest and once again I feel so much better.

Thanks again for listening

Until next time

ps: if you fancy trying our next 6 week transformation programme [when the doors open again] just click below for more info