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How I Lost 100lbs – by Elaine R (FBL Member)

When it comes to taking on a new fat loss challenge and changing exercise and nutrition habits away from the norm, it can feel a bit daunting and uncomfortable to jump straight in. Therefore, it can be great to hear from someone who has gone through it before you. Understand their experiences, their challenges and how they have been able to overcome them.

Our member Elaine has been through it all and achieved amazing results. She now continues to have great success with a really healthy exercise and nutrition regime that she feels confident and comfortable with that keeps her moving towards her goals. As such, we wanted to get an understanding from Elaine some of the things that helped her start her journey and help her achieve such success throughout her journey. We therefore asked her some questions, and these were her answers:

Q- What was the initial trigger that prompted you to start this health and fitness journey?

A – I just knew I needed to do something, I was unhappy, really unhappy, with my size, my health, my head, it couldn’t go on really.  

I saw a fitter body post on Facebook, it took me a few months to pluck up the courage to ask for help, and Alex was at the end of that request, sounds extremely corny and its been really hard work but I haven’t looked back.

Q – Now that you’re 12 months into this journey. What has helped you stick with your workouts and nutrition?

A – That I was doing it for me and not anyone else, routine, stubbornness, fun and most of all the acceptance and camaraderie of all the ladies and coaches at FBL. 

I’ve been on lot of diets and gyms etc, but you are put at ease and it doesn’t matter if we are all the same level or not, encouraged to have ago, incredibly positive for your mental health.

Q – What are the biggest changes you’ve had to make to your food in order to achieve this weight loss? 

A – I’ll be honest, I wasnt interested in the food bit at the beginning, getting myself out of bed and to the sessions was my initial focus, I even tried to avoid the food diaries, I found it difficult to try and change everything at the same time.

So I started small changes over months, the food posts on the FBL facebook and Kristians recipes to the pinch of nom really helped, and I slowly started to plan meals.

I cook alot more now then I did rather than prepared meals and takeaways, it almost feels at time I eat more and I genuinely feel better for it, simple quick easy meals.

Things I’ve found that have helped me, cauliflower rice, turkey mince, porridge and fruit, nimble, fruit, veg, salads, arla yoghurts, quiche from pinch of nom, roast chicken, cous cous, changing from cider to gin.

Also doing my shop on line has helped me not pick up those nice things that you see and fancy when your in store.

Q – When you get cravings, whether it be sweet or savoury, what are your top 3 go to’s in order to help you get through them?

A – Tea, fruity ones or a cup of earl grey, only found out this year I liked it, otherwise quavers are a favourite or a boiled sweet when I need a sugar fix, it’s more than 3 but I also snack on ham when it’s in the fridge.

I also find getting up and doing something to take my mind off it works sometimes.

Q – If you’ve had times when you’ve felt like giving up, what have you done or what has helped you to continue with your journey?

A – I’m very lucky to be supported by my wife, who will give me a talking to if I need one.  

Alex and Sarah have been a great help and inspiration when I’ve had a wobble, and I do have wobbles, it sometimes just takes a message, a pep talk or seeing encouraging posts on the FBL page, seeing other people do well, makes me think ‘I can do that’. Also as you get to know people at FBL you realise your all in it together and it is very motivating.

Q – If you would give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking about starting a weight loss journey like yourself, what would you say?

A – It is a bit scary at the beginning, dont try and do everything at once it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but only you can decide to make that change, no one is going to do it for you, deep breathe, jump in, have ago and if you fall down, brush yourself off ask for help, there is so much support and keep going, you will be amazed when you look back how different you feel, life changing for me, cant really ever see myself going any where else than FBL.