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Do you use a Fitness Tracker?

We all know the challenges of losing weight. A great way of staying on track with any fitness plan (or just getting in shape) would be by wearing a tracker like the ones available at Fitbit or Apple!

Not only do these show you how many steps yo have taken over the day it also tracks certain variables such as heart rate during workouts and sleep patterns.

A lot of Fitter Body Ladies members including myself use their own individual trackers to monitor steps, calories and heartrate but we also use Myzone.

Myzone is a fab gym based fitness tracker which tracks your heart rate and effort in sessions. In each session you not only can see where you are at any point but also where all your friends are too!

Our trainers encourage you to hit effort targets and each month not we also run competitions for those that want to participate and push themselves that little bit further.

So if you love to track your efforts Check out our video


PS Currently we are fully booked on our October 28 day programme but I am releasing places next week for our November programme if you your looking to challenge yourself drop us an message