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Being A Mum Is Tough

[Our Family BackPacking Trip In Panama/Costa Rica/Miami 2019]
I was up and out of bed at 5am this morning.
Ready to head down to our facility and teach the morning Live sessions
at 6am, 7am and 9:30am.[which I love doing by the way – especially live as it feels like I’m on TV]As I write this, I’ve already done the 6am and 7am – and the energy was wild.

Just before I left my house I opened my son’s [Harrison] door to have a quick look at him sleeping.

He’s 14 today.
But to me he’ll always be my little boy.

Our first bornAll of a sudden he’s turning into a young man – he stands at about 5ft 10 and is
starting to develop a man’s body.

He has a deep voice.And he’s getting more independent.

Where has that 14 years gone?

I can clearly remember going into labour and him being born like it was yesterday.

After watching him peacefully sleeping [like he did when he was a baby] for a few moments this morning I then got in the car and drove to work.

But on the way I couldn’t help myself thinking about
how quickly those 14 years have gone by.And it was a gentle reminder of how precious life is.

Why it’s so important to LIVE your life – and not just meander through each

I then started thinking whether I am the kind of Mum that Harrison admires.

Do my actions each day inspire him and help him want to live an adventurous, fun life as well – full of optimism and possibility.[after all as a Mum, after health this is what we would wish for our kids isn’t it?]

He sees me working hard on our business.

He sees me exercising every day.He sees me enjoying cooking healthy meals.

He sees our commitment to travel the World and experience different cultures.

And to balance the above he also sees me:

Be on his back about homework.

Limit his time on his X-box

Drinking wine a few times each week

Insist that he does chores around the house

Out of all of the above, I am most pleased that he sees how myself and my husband
prioritise our health.

Especially in these strange times right now.He is much more likely to stay active and healthy into adulthood as a result of
seeing us do it.

Am I perfect?
Of course not.But no one gives you a manual to follow when you have kids.

Am I happy that I am doing a good job overall?

Am I happy that he will look back on his childhood and appreciate what he learnt
and what we did for him?


There’s something about birthdays.

They give us an opportunity to have a quick review of where we’re at and how we’re doing.

But this little self audit doesn’t have to be left until a birthday.

It can be a good exercise to do once every few months.

Ask yourself those questions.

If you have kids – are you inspiring them each day? – with your actions as well as your words?

Are you living your life on your terms?[if you’re not then it means you’re living life on someone else’s terms and so it might be worth taking back control]

Something to think about anyway.

Have an amazing day.


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