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Amazing Weight Loss During Covid Lock-Down!

Angie has been a member of FBL on and off for about 5 years. As her trainer i have watched Angie sometimes be on it and sometimes not but what I have seen over that time is her grow in confidence – especially over these last few months.

So when she posted on the Facebook page last week showing her 3 stone weight loss I wanted to know what had changed this time to help her achieve this amazing result.

Angie explained she was feeling sluggish with low energy and felt very overweight – in her words
“it was having an effect on not only my self confidence but also the activities I did with my children. They’d want to play football at the park and I’d make an excuse so I could sit and watch”

When asked about what was the toughest obstacle she has to overcome

She said……

changing my mindset to make sure I get to my sessions each week. Before I’d miss a session at the gym because something else would come up but this time attending sessions became my priority and I would find a way to fit them into my daily routine and put my health and fitness first. I found myself getting to earlier sessions during half-terms to make sure I got my sessions in before my husband left for work whereas before I’d use half term as an excuse to miss them.

As her trainer it is nice to hear and see that Angie was now making herself a priority.

And as a result of this Angie explained how she is now feeling,,,

“I am feeling so much more confident now the weight and inches are coming off along with feeling more energetic and eating healthier. Being able to fit nicely into old clothes is also a confidence builder too!

The team at Fitter Body Ladies want to say amazing effort and amazing results Angie keep it up and keep safe.???


ps: reach out to us if you fancy trying one of our programmes during lock-down. We have some fantastic live workout programmes suitable for all fitness levels.