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Adapting To LIVE Zoom Workouts For Ladies Over 30

If someone had said to me back in January 2020, that our FBL members across all locations would all be doing online workouts within a few months, there is no way I would have believed them.

I recognised the shortfalls of working out from home on your own.

Because my experience of it has been Davina DVDs or youtube videos.

And even though I was able to motivate myself to do a workout each day for the first week, unfortunately weeks 2 and beyond never really happened.

It got boring……fast.

Then the virus hit us in March and we all went through a very steep learning curve.

And we had a duty to stay open and still deliver to our members.

We’re so much more than just a place to go and workout.

We offer a full coaching programme that consists of our tried and tested F3 system:

  • Fitness – high calorie torching workouts proven to get results specifically for ladies over 30
  • Focus – focus the mind on the right things to maintain motivation and enthusiasm and reduce stress levels
  • Food – eat the right things to help keep energy levels high and to compliment the exercise in fast tracking fat stripping results [we provide meal planners and recipes to help with this]

Even though we’re not ‘mental health’ professionals, I know that our environment does help our members.

Something to do with making friends, post workout endorphin release [the happy hormone], feeling healthy, setting goals and achieving them, eating better etc.

If we temporarily removed this structure it would be devastating.

So we embraced technology – specifically professional lighting, webcams, microphone, and zoom and kept things going .

We’ve literally turned our locations into LIVE broadcasting studios!

The best thing about the new technology is that we can actually still interact with our members during the live workouts – we can see their effort levels and their technique and encourage/correct accordingly.

It’s amazing and really quite fun .

We’ve definitely made mistakes along the way, but it’s all been new to us and we’ve learnt from them.

What shocked me the most is the demand to carry on doing these live zoom sessions.

So when we opened up again at the end of July, that’s exactly what we did.

And then we’ve reached January 2021 and LockDown 3.0 has started.

I guess given the circumstances this is the absolute safest way for everyone to keep exercising and focus on their health and wellness at a time of year that most people want to do this.

Our Transformation Online Coaching Programme is battle tested.

It’s now been running for 10 months and hundreds of ladies have dropped inches, dropped kg, dropped jeans sizes and dropped dress sizes by taking part.

But also it’s helped them to stay positive and motivated throughout a very tricky time.

We still use our F3 System and so the only thing that is tweaked slightly is how the workouts are delivered – instead of them being done inside our unit they are being done from home .

And yes you can still torch 500-600 calories per session.

We learnt during the first LockDown that there is 1 of 2 ways to react.

You can use it as an excuse to do nothing and eat and drink what you want whilst piling on more pounds of excess fat [we’re not in our 20’s anymore so there’s a definite consequence to these actions]


You can use it as an excuse to get fit and healthy – and learn about healthy nutrition [not diets] and quality, effective exercise, and be one of those few that smashes their 2021 goals.

Which option do you choose?

If you fancy trying Transformation Programme, then just click here and select your location to get in touch:

[Current locations are Northampton, Daventry, Kettering, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes, Basildon, Wakefield, Llanelli and Sketty/Swansea]