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72 Year Old Lady In 21 Year Old Body

One of the things that I love trying to do is to inspire other ladies
to focus on their health and fitness.

As we get older it becomes so much more important.

In fact one of our core company values is ‘Inspiration’

And here’s a little story that I came across yesterday that I think will inspire
you on this beautiful Friday morning.

It’s about a lady called Dr Catherine Walter

She’s an Oxford University fellow in her early 70’s who happened to take up
weight training in 2012.

And like so many ladies that join our facility, she fell in LOVE with it.

So much so that she has gone on to break the World records for the squat, deadlift and bench press for her age and weight category.

She has the bone density of a 21 year old and is quoted as saying

“After the age of 40, your bones and muscles will deteriorate if you don’t do resistance training. The only thing that will prevent it – and it can be reversed – is resistance training.”

Not running.

Not biking.

Not swimming.

Resistance Training – which is exactly why we focus on teaching all of our members how to use weights safely.

I know first hand how brittle bones and osteoporosis can limit the things we do as we get older as my Mum has had 2 nasty falls in the last few years and ended up in hospital with broken bones.

And while I’m at it, just to dispel another common myth – Weight Training does NOT make you bulky.

Check out the image above of Dr Walter – she’s a World Record holder and is far from bulky.