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Big Mistake When Trying To Lose Fat

There was an article in The Independent newspaper yesterday about the 15 biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight.

The usual stuff was listed such as:

  • paying too much attention to the number on the scales
  • eating too many calories
  • not tracking what they’re eating
  • not eating enough protein
  • not exercising

Everyone kinda knows the above.

But the one that caught my eye, that I thought would be useful to share with you is….

“Not using weights when exercising”

Here’s the biggest issue with Weight Watchers, Slimming World and other ‘nutrition only’ type of weight loss strategies –

They encourage a calorie deficit to lose weight – in other words consume less calories than you expend each day.

But when you do this, you lose both fat and muscle mass – in fact you lose a surprising high % of muscle mass, especially if the calories consumed each day are really low.

So even though the number on the scales is coming down – and people believe they are ‘winning’ – what’s actually happening is that they’re losing the wrong kind of weight.

This messes up their metabolism.

And is like increasing the ageing process.


Which is why we recommend the use of exercise and weights – combined with a calorie deficit diet in order to specifically lose ‘FAT’ rather than muscle mass.

The use of weights helps to preserve the muscle mass.

It’s good to get the help and guidance from a coach regarding this sort of stuff.

To get the right kind of meal plans.

And to understand how to stay focused and motivated.

This is what our 3F System encompasses: – FOOD, FITNESS, FOCUS

Which is why we set up our studios.

To offer the support to ladies over 30 that are struggling a bit.

Our Transformation Programmes teach all of the above – and they’re really good FUN!! 😁

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